Several Types of Sitemaps 2018

There Are several types of sitemaps available in SEO but HTML sitemap and XML sitemaps are popular in search engine optimization.







1.HTML Sitemap are for the users comes on website.

2.XML-Sitemap is generated for the search engine to crawl website easily.

3.Image Sitemap we can create it with Screaming Frog SEO Spider

4.Video Sitemap: We can enhance the visibility of videos in search engine.




Consideration while selecting a computer repair service center

Modern computer technology has become person friendly, reliable, and usable that it was even a few years ago. The computer provides easy and hassle-free services. However, even the computers may suffer damage, slow down, network connection failure or hardware or software problem. So, you need to find a professional and trusted company that offers computer repair services. There are several factors that you need to take into consideration while selecting a computer repair service center.

Here are 7 factors that you need to look out while selecting a computer repair service center.

•Before handing your machines to the service center, ask questions whether the company knows your system. Make sure that you are working with a professional who is aware of what they are doing to resolve the hardware and software issues without much trouble.

•Find out a computer repair service who is reliable and available 24/7 to solve your system issues as and when you required them.

•Read the testimonials an…

New Google Page Speed Insights tool Update 2018

Google has replaced a new Google Page Speed Insights tool to check website speed for the mobile and desktop versions. Last time in January Google update real user data from the Chrome browser to calculate page speed of a site. Google updated the lighthouse version with the CRUX to make sure your website speed accurately.

Look before:

Look After:

Points that comes with New Google Page Speed Insights tool:
Field Data:
Lab Data: 
Making your website fast is not just significant to ensure your web site is ranking well in Google search. It can get better user experience and conversion rates on your website.

The Problem with Google Snippets and Fake News Sites

News is very important and people in today’s world are reliant on the Internet for acquiring news at any time. However as the internet is fast evolving the problems with phony news has also made its way in the snippets of the search engine Google. Usually there is a standard procedure for Google to detect the construction of fake news and thereby prevent it from being circulated but in the present world the creators of fake news have upgraded their processes for making it a viral piece of information. It is well known that whatever is shared on the Internet spreads like wildfire and keeps on revolving in this global network for years and can resurface gain and again if the news is not attested as bogus. Hence search engines like Google are introducing stringent rules for prohibiting the viral circulation of such news.

A brief definition of counterfeit information

In order to understand the steps which are presently taken by search engines for curbing fake news it is important to under…

How to Improve Google Ads Quality Score 2018

In a PPC (Pay per Click Advertising) Quality score is a calculation to explain the relevancy of your Google ads campaigns to the search queries, your landing pages, your ads copy etc.

Responsive Display Ads 2018

Responsive ads can be used as the standard display campaigns and smart display campaigns. To make a Responsive Display Ads simply upload the images, headlines, logos, and descriptions and google will display your ads automatically.

 Responsive Display Ads Benefits:

1.    Optimized you ads in best way
2.    Broader Approach to Customers
3.    Responsive ads saves your time and effort
4.    Used with dynamic re marketing

Responsive display ads are very beneficial when you don’t have much knowledge about the google ads and you simply run the responsive ads for your website Google itself run your responsive ads in best way to give better results for your website.

Google Neural Matching Algorithm

Last Month Google Announced they uses the neural matching algorithm to better understand concept.In Simple term neural matching has the elements if AI and other algorithms. Now Google is using this exact algorithm is less significant than understanding that ranking page using only the search query and the web page content is possible.

SHOULD YOU BE WORRIED ABOUT NEURAL MATCHING? You don’t need to worry about this neural matching algorithm as its improve the search results by matching the search query with relevant website pages.
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Top Ten Link building Techniques in 2018

Top Ten Link building Techniques in 2018 Link Building plays an important role in getting rank in Search engine. In this post I am going to tell you top ten link building techniques to build quality links for your website in 2018.

1. Broken link building-we can use the website broken links to build better links for our website.

2. Creating research content- discover the user point of view and write down long and clear content on that topics.

3. Info graphics link building-Info graphic is one of the trending method to get attention of customers for your content.

4. Images link building-Images search results are getting popularity day by day as the google algorithm updates are coming.

5. Guest blogging-Old and effective methods of making links for your websites.

6. Business directory- Add your business to local directory of your city.

7. Utilize social media marketing-Make sure your website have better social media presence on facebook and gplus.

8. Brand Mentions- when you making links for yo…

Blockchain in Digital Marketing 2018

In Simple Term a blockchain is a special type of digital ledger which helps online transaction (made in bitcoin and cryptocurrency). Now a day Blockchain is one of the trending buzzwords in technology. Blockchain technology is usually connected with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Role of BlockChain in digital marketing 1.When blockchain was at first developed, it was designed to resolve something of a two side spending problem that bitcoin users mostly were experiencing.

2.Blockchain technology plays a role of middleman between the advertiser and end user.

3.Blockchain effectively allowed advertisers to connect directly to customers like facebook ads.

4.Sort Out the digital advertising main problems: the ads themselves.

5.Blockchain bring out transparency in online advertising.

Blockchain Example:

You can directly see what that product is and where it came from. If you want to buy it, you know if you are buying it from flipkart directly or from the flipkart marketplace.

Google Broad Core Algorithm Update 2018

Google Broad Core Algorithm Update 2018 Yesterday Google had released a Google Broad Core Algorithm Update to make google results better for the users.The Main points Google Mentioned some Major Facts as below:

1.Increased the value of keywords in H1 tags by 2%
2.Increased the value of HTTPS by 18%,
3.Decreased the value of keyword in title tag by 9%
4.Changed the D value in our PageRank calculation from .85 to .70

How Can You Recover from a Core Update?

Keep focusing on below points to stay in Google Top Results

-User intent
-Quality content
-Clean architecture
-Google’s guidelines


How To Add My Web Page to Google Search Engine

SEO SERVICES LOCAL helps you to get your website cached in Google Search Engine if you add some updates to your website Pages. You just need to follow some guidelines mentioned below:

URL Submit to Google Search Engine

1.Visit Google Search Console Page
2. G mail Account Login
3.Type in your website URL
4.Click the I m not a robots box
5.Submit Request
6.Wait for Some Minutes


Latest SEO Interview Question Answers 2018

Basic SEO Interview Question Answers 2018

1.How Many SEO Projects are you handling
2.What Kind of SEO tools you use?
3.What is your strong point as an SEO On-page or off page?
4.How do you plan and implement On-page SEO on site?
5.What Kind of SEO tools you use?

Google analytics SEO Interview Question Answers 2018

1.Have you implemented Goals and funnels?
2.How will you rate your knowledge out of 10?
3.Have you implemented e-commerce tracking using analytics?
4.Explain Goals in Google Analytics
5.What is GTM(Google Tag Manager)
6.What is a session?
7.What are segments in Analytics?
8.What are events in Google Analytics
9.What are goals and how many goals can we create in analytics?
10.What is Bounce Rate?
11.Can we delete the goals after created them in Google Analytics?
12.What is attribution in Google Analytics

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How to Implement Knowledge Graph on a Website

What is Google's Knowledge Graph?

The Knowledge Graph uses latent semantic indexing (LSI) to understand the context of a user's query and present information that is most likely to answer it.

How do I get in Google's Knowledge Graph?








Facebook Page Optimization Tips 2018

Facebook is the world wide famous Social Media Marketing Site getting popularity day by day. Facbook Pages helps your business to get their customers and to assist in customer support.

FAcebook Pages are easy to get in rank in Google Search Engine because off their world wide popularity and daily users.
A Complete Guide to Facebook Page Optimization

Creating Your Facebook Page

Local Business or Place: 
Location Pages.


Brand or Product

Public Figure


Cause or Community

How to earn the Google Partner badge

1.Create and complete a Google Partner badge Profile

2.Certified in Google Adords to show that your company has a deep knowledge about Google Adword

3.Meet a 90-day ad spend requirement of $10,000 USD across your managed accounts to show that your company has a healthy amount of activity.

Here are the certification requirements:

Partner badge: At least 1 affiliated individual needs to be AdWords certified
Premier Partner badge: At least 2 affiliated individuals need to be AdWords certified

4.Delivering solid overall ad revenue and growth

Introducing the New Search Console 2018

A few months ago we released a beta version of a new Search Console experience to a limited number of users. We are now starting to release this beta version to all users of Search Console

 Introducing the New Search Console 2018

1.Search Performance: with 16 months of data!

2.Index Coverage: a comprehensive view on Google's indexing

3.Search Enhancements: improve your AMP and Job Postings pages

4. Feedback welcome

Latest SEO Trends and Google SEO Updates in 2018 to follow

Whether you want to do away with 2017 and you want to make on the success of your 2018 SEO campaigns, Find out some SEO trends to be on the lookout for in 2018:

-Voice Search and Google Snippets will Grow

-User experience for SEO will become even more important in 2018

-Featured snippets and Quick Answers

-Mobile-first index

-The rise of visual search

-AI and machine learning

-SERPs Will Continue Getting Personal

What is Weighted Sort in Google Analytics

Introducing Weighted Sort in Google Analytic

Weighted sort is the technique to get the all data like Goal Conversion rate, E commerce Conversion Rate, or %New Visits) in a table view. Simply it shows the 100 percentage bounce rate for a single page and it is not beneficial to the user then Google Analytic added the labeled Weighted Sort check box which help to find the weighted pages according to the website pages performing in Google search engine.

Before Weighted Sort

After Weighted Sort

10 Things that does not Affect Google Keywords ranking

There are number of things to consider improving your keywords ranking in Google search engine. Google does not gives importance to these factors as below:

How to Optimize a 404 Page

A 404 page is the page that occurs when a user or customer trying to reach a page that does not exist or running.

There are several solutions available to fix those issues like we can create a custom 404 Error page to make our customers happy.

Making a Fun 404 Error Page like below Some Popular brands having fun 404 Error Page



Social Media Role in Online Marketing Success

Social is just a building a relationship with a person and then building trust and selling your product or service. There are several Social media platforms available to make your online business successful.

-Use HD Images to share to People Engage


 -Recycle Your Evergreen Content into Infographics

-Use Hashtags to Increase Your Engagement Rate

-Add Social Media Buttons to Your Email Newsletters


Role of SEO in Digital Marketing World?

SEO stands for the search engine optimization. “SEO” Plays a very important role in digital marketing world now days. Any business, companies, people or politicians everybody needs the power of digital marketing to stay in trends. In India Digital Marketing is heavily used by the politicians to make their election campaigns a brand success.

7 Keys Points in Digital Marketing
1.Online Reputation Management

2.Brand Making

3.Content Promotion

4.Social Media Marketing

5.Pay Per Click Advertising

6.Press Realease

7.SEM(Search Engine Marketing)

How to Use Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the free website SEO tool to track the all website things including search traffic, search Queries, back links, Inner links and crawl errors. Google Search Console is categorized in four points:

-Search Appearance-It includes the structured data, rich cards, data highlighter, html improvement and Accelerated mobile pages.

-Search Traffic-It includes the search analytics, links, internal links, manual action and mobile useability.

-Google Index-It includes the blocked resources, remove url request and index status.

-Crawl-It includes the crawl errors, fetch google, robots.txt, sitemap, url parameters.

Tips to improve Google Analytics Data Analysis

First of all you need to install a Google analytic tool to track your blog or website. Then you need to implement and understand the given points as below: