Tips to improve Google Analytics Data Analysis

First of all you need to install a Google analytic tool to track your blog or website. Then you need to implement and understand the given points as below:

How to use Filters in Google Analytic

These filters help you modify your Google analytic data in exact view by removing spam data. By default Google analytic collects all the traffic coming to your website.

How To Optimize a Mobile Phone App

ITunes app store and Google Play store uses the different mechanism to optimized its app for the users. Some of the important things to consider while optimizing a mobile phone app are below:

Search Engine Optimization For ITunes Apps and Android Apps Or Google Play Store

Five Google Search Engine Ranking Factors in 2017

There are a lot of SEO Companies who gives you guarantees to make your business keywords in Top Google Search results but it is not easy now as it used to be in Past time. Google Regularly releases Algorithm updates to make Search results better and better for its customers. In this Article we are going to explain some Search engine ranking factors for SEO Companies.

1. Link Score

2. Anchor Text Relevancy

3. Keywords in Content

4. Page Speed with Mobile Friendly

5. User Experience with CTR(click through rate)

How to track the Google Algorithm Updates in 2017

Google Regularly releases it SEO updates 500 times in a Year. From the SEO Point of view you need to track only those Google algorithm updates which affected your top landing pages in Google Search Engine. If your site had penalised or traffic goes down then you can easily track your all events in Google Analytics tool or webmaster tool. Some of the free tools to analyse Google Algorithm updates are given below:

1. Mozcast
2. Mozpro
3. SEO Book
4. Penguin Tool
5. Rank Ranger

My All Time Favorit Tool are

Things to Consider before Making a Website

In this post I am Going to tell you the most important things or points to consider when you starting an online business or a website.

 Things to Consider before Making a Website

1. Choose a Simple Domain relevant to your category
2. Good Hosting service provider
3. Mobile Friendly Website
4. Must have a blog and regularly Updated
5. Better Navigation
6. Content with Relevant Services or Products
7. Must be creative
8. Social Media Presence
9. Must be Responsive
10. Search Engine Optimization

Things to Look upon When Choosing SEO Reseller Company

Five Things to Look upon When Choosing SEO Reseller Company
It can be difficult sometimes choosing the right SEO Reseller Company as market is flooded with companies offering reselling packages. Most of the companies claim that their packages are better than that of others.

So, it is a confusing situation for every businessman who is looking for right reseller partner. Under mentioned are three things that should consider when you are going to sign an agreement with a reselling company

 • You should look for the company that offers Panda and Penguin friendly reselling packages.

• The company providing you reselling packages should not contact your clients ever. Check whether the company signs NDA or not.

 • You should always go for the company that offers you weekly full work and ranking report.

 • Some companies offer guaranteed reselling packages. Collaborating with such kind of company will provide top rated search engine optimization services to your clients. This will help you w…

Top SEO companies in Gurgaon

In this Post I am Going to tell you the top ten SEO companies in Gurgaon(Gurugram).There are number of SEO or Digital marketing companies are starting in Gurgaon since last five years but only few of them have established a brand reputation in the field of SEO. These companies regularly offer Job opportunities to SEO Executive of Senior SEO Jobs on regularly basis. Some of them are SEO MNC companies as below.

Best SEO Companies in Delhi Gurgaon

SEO Interview Questions for Senior SEO Jobs

In this post I am going to tell you the most relevant questions asked during the Technical SEO Round or Senior SEO Interview Jobs.These SEO Interview Question Answer will help you to crack SEO Interviews for 2017.

Advanced SEO Interview Questions and Answers for 2017

1.How to Optimized  a website

2.What SEO Tools you regularly use

3.Five tools for SEO Research

4.Latest SEO Algorithm Updates.

5 What are Spiders, Robots and Crawlers

6 Name some SEO blogs

7 Black Hat SEO techniques

8 What is Panda and Penguin Updates

9 Any Idea About Guest Post

10 Types of Goals in Google Analytics

On Page SEO(Search Engine Optimization) checklist 2017

In This Article I am Going to explain comprehensive SEO Audit Checklist of On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which will help you to get ranking in Top search engine results.

SEO Audit Checklist 2017

1 Domain Age

2 Keyword must be in Top Level Domain

3 Page Load Speed via HTML

4 Duplicate Meta Information On-Site

5 Mobile Optimized

6 Onsite Technical SEO Factors


-Fix any errors on your sitemap.
-Review your robots.txt file.
-Ensure all of your important pages can be indexed.
-Fix HTTP errors.
-Ask search engines to re-crawl your site.

Link Building Ideas For 2017

Search Engine Optimization Policies and Algorithms regularly Changes Time To Time. For A successful running of an online business a person have to be up to dated with latest SEO Guidelines and Algorithm changes.

Link Building Ideas For 2017 
Google search Engine Gives Importance to the Web page Content and links coming to your website are relevant or not.
1.Create best web page content with your primary Keywords
2.Build Links from the broken or Dead links
3.Make a Fantastic Info-graphic and Share It
4.Guest Blogging
5.competitors healthy back links

Why Internal Linking is Important for SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Every website Content needs good links for proper optimization and social media optimization. Internal Linking gives an idea to Google about your website structure and information. It helps Google to understand the hierarchy of your content and internal pages and Google assigns priority to those internal pages according to their popularity.

 Benefits of internal linking strategy 1. Create lots of content

2. Use anchor text

3. Link deep

4. Use links that are natural for the reader

5. Use relevant links

6. spread link juice other pages Internal links are mainly useful for establishing good site architecture and distribution link juice to other pages.

How Does Google Adsense Works?

Important Things to consider when using Google Adsense

Google Ad sense is a program allows bloggers and website owners to make money with the help of displaying Ads on their websites.

Two Ways to make money with Ad sense:

1-Impressions – This is based on the amount of page views of pages with ads

2-Clicks – How many people clicks on Ads

 How to install Adsense on Website You just need to signup Ad sense Account and Add Code to the Head Text of your blog and website. To receive the money from ad sense you need to score 100$ minimum.

Important Things to consider when using Google Adsense

1.Never encourage friends and family to click your ads

2.Pay attention to your ad clicks

3.Never Clicks on your ADS

4.Dont use 3 ad blocks on a single page


Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO in 2017

Keyword research is one of the important and essential parts for the SEO point of view. Several companies spend thousands of money to pay for keyword research to get such embattled content. Here are the some points to consider if you are new to keywords research process.