Monday, 10 March 2014

The doorway page comes under the black hat SEO trick to make fool the search engine to boost website rank in quickest way. Doorway pages are specifically to draw search engine visitor to the website without telling the users. These pages are the standalone pages just increase the visitors to your webpage. But due to regular improvement in Google algorithms the doorway page technique is not much effective as it is before. Generally SEO companies should avoid these types of tricks to get penalized in Google Search engine.

Some Of the Demerits of using Doorway pages for your website:

-No benefit to the users.

- full of stuffed keywords and do not offer much information.

-Search engines may penalize your website

-Risk of being removed from Google index.

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Thursday, 27 February 2014

To know the actual effects of your online marketing on your website you need to understand the meaning of goals and track conversion in Google analytic in details. Goal aid you to know which traffic resources and content lead you to generate most conversion on website.

By an example you will clearly understand the meaning of goal and conversion on your mind-
A company which sell products and services on web, Conversion occurs when a user buy something from the website from simply visiting website from Google and using ads.

To set up Goals in Google analytic you need to lo-gin to your Google analytic account then there are following type of Goals as below-

URL DESTINATION-Let someone purchase an item on your website page then the Goal URL will be thank you page for the purchasing of an item.

Time on Site-This is achieved when someone spends a specified amount of hours, minutes, or seconds on your website.

Pages / Visit-This achieved when someone visits a specified amount of pages during one visit.

Event-when someone clicks on a link or button to do things such as download wallpaper.

After you have set up your goals, give yourself a pair of days to start building conversion data. Once website visitors begin to complete goals, visit the “Conversions” section of Google Analytic for more information about these accomplished goals.

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Monday, 24 February 2014

Generally Google Search engine display the pages rather than the whole website. Each page of your website had more chances to the top Google results at top primary keywords. So it is very necessary to target the primary keyword to the particular inner page of your website.

Some of the benefits of keyword mapping:-

-Structured and navigation
-hierarchy of topics and sub topics

Keyword mapping for SEO helps you stay ordered by creating an official record of keyword-to-page relationships. The exercise of mapping of keywords to URLs identifies which pages should be optimized for which keywords. Keyword Mapping comes frankly after the Keyword Localization and Research stage Top-level category pages should have the most generic versions of the keywords mapped to them. The sub-category pages should have the longer tail, more specific versions of the keywords mapped to them. New content should be developed to include the keywords that are mapped to the page.

A good keyword mapping strategy provides search engines with a clear idea of what each page of your website is about and will help the ranking of those pages for the keywords that are most relevant to those pages. 

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

With the start of 2014 The Term SEO is totally changed to the SEO experts due to the significance algorithm changes in Search engine. Last year a lot of things have been ignored by the most of SEO experts but at the last they have to pay for their negligence in a big way. There have been many changed in search engine so it is necessary for SEOs to adapt the new updates in SEO to tackle the situation.

Many websites owners ignore the optimization for the Mobiles, Tabs, and other widgets. They still thinks that the traffic comes from the desktop but in today time a lot people uses their tabs to search their query using the tabs and mobile phones. So in 2014 you cannot ignore the mobile optimization of your website. All over the world most of the people using the tabs and mobile phones to search out their query over the internet  so Its compulsory for you to adapt the changes in accordance with  New search engine algorithm updates. If you still following the old patterns of SEO to get better results in Search engine then it is high time for you to change the way of doing SEO for the Websites.

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Monday, 10 February 2014

These are the pages having low quality content on their web pages to boost up rank on some specific keywords in search engine. In term of SEO these pages designed for the search engines not for the human being. In simplest term a doorway page technique is used to get rank on the particular keyword in a quick way. The sole purpose of doorway page is to get quick rank on the particular keyword in search engine. It comes under the unethical SEO techniques to rank in fastest way.

These pages were quite effective in past days to rank your website in Google but now it is considered as the black hat SEO trick. The world of SEO is always being changed and due to this a lot of websites got affected. There are still many SEO companies who use the Doorway page tricks to bring out the results in search engine to impress their clients. If you are based in Delhi Noida and searching for the ethical SEO firm and SEO Company then make a visit to our Website and take the complete benefits Of SEO services by our SEO experts in Low rates. In case of removing the Doorway page from your website you can contact to our SEO experts.

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There are several ways or methods to generate traffic to your website but increase the traffic through Google search engine is really big issue. Direct traffic is only way to reduce the bounce rate of your web page. Follow the below methods or techniques to boost up your ranking:-

-Meta Title should have the 70 characters without having any other symbol with quality words.

-Make the description tag with your targeted keywords with useful information about the web page content. The description tag should have the 160 to 170 characters.

-Now Google doesn't give priority to Meta keywords but other search engine still give preference to the Meta keywords.

-Build the high quality link to your website having do follow tag. Don’t make the irrelevant link to your website as Google penguin update 2.0 hits the websites having irrelevant links.

-Participation in Forum sites increases the traffic to your website.

-Create a blog for your website and update it on regular basis with quality content.

-Submit your website to top directory sites like dmoz as it generate traffic to your website side by side it also give powerful back link to your website.

-Video sharing is one of the best and powerful ways to boost up ranking in search engine.

-Image sharing gives the useful traffic to your web page using business related pictures.

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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Back links are the pillars for the website to stand in top ten search engine ranking results. Any website whether its new or old having numbers of back links creates a brand repo in Google search engine algorithm. Matt Cutts, the head of spam team in Google told that the Guest blogging is the still best way to build quality links to your website. Here I am explaining the top ways of building back links without having guest blogging:-

1-Create content that people want to share-You should have the article or post per week to share on social media websites. The content must be interactive useful so that the users can stay engage with your post or article.

2-Use the Social Media to share your article-This is another good idea to generate large traffic to tour web post. Tag the people in your social media articles or posts. Track your content using the Google analytics tool.

3-Forget about the old techniques-The author bio in your article now doesn’t matter in today time so just ignore the old tactics of SEOs to get good rank in search engine.

In the last I just want you to tell that building links naturally or ethically have been the preferred way according to Google. Therefore use the following tip to build links to your website and achieved the desired results and give the new way to your online business.

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Thursday, 6 February 2014

When you buying any new mobile phone or any other daily uses things, you choose the best and good looking shop for this. The same thing applies on the internet. You want to have the simple and clear interface website for your online services; this implies that a website design is much important for any type of business. Some of the Website Designers make their website very lengthy and attractive with the fancy images to attract the customers to their website.

During the development of any website navigation play a very crucial role in the successful of any website. There are several platforms available for the website designing and development. A website should have the good quality content to attract its customers as the content is the first thing that gives first impact on its visitor about the company website. If you are planning to design a website for your business then visit to our website designing packages and select the package that fitted to your budget.

Find the suitable web solutions at our company website to enhance your online presence at quick time. We offer the customized website designing solution as per the small business needs and order. We also provide the ORM services at very low prices if you took the website designing services from our website.

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Saturday, 1 February 2014

We are the Delhi based SEO website designing company providing the offshore web development services in Delhi Noida at the affordable rates .Our website designers tries to put all effort to give desired results as per the client need or requirement. We know the importance of website designing over the online internet. A website is just the overview of the business to represent the over the internet world. Today most of the people use the internet to fulfill the daily basis needs. So it’s really very necessary for the business to have the website of their business to get more customers to increase the profit of business. Lot of websites all coming over the WWW to enhance the profitability of their own business. We have been serving in this field of web site designing since 2009.Our web solution are made for the basically Indian based companies as per the needs of the website owners. on the other hand we also available you the SEO services,SEM sevices,Social media marketing, brand promotion at the affordable rates.

Online reputation management service Delhi Noida

The ORM (online reputation management) is the process to improve the visibility of your website or business in ethical way over the internet .If you are looking for the Indian company to improve your brand reputation in Delhi NCR region then just visit our official website to elaborate it in details. Our reputation management services are very ethical and cheapest compare to other website. Top expertises of our company are following:-

-Online Reputation Management

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Friday, 31 January 2014

For an online business website the effective content is the utmost important to rank your website in search engine. Website Content must be relevant to the website category and must be unique with short paragraphs. As many people don’t take too much interest to read long paragraphs on internet. Here I am giving few content writing tips that will surely aids you to improve your content writing tips.

Use the heading-The content should be categorized in several heading tags as it enhances the visibility of your article over the internet. With the help of these heading tags we can grab the attention of online viewers at first sight.

Short paragraphs-A good content writers should have the capability to bind their meaningful words into short and effective paragraphs. It has been seen that readers over the internet don’t like to read long paragraphs.

Keyword Density-The article should have the accurate ratio of targeted keywords in full article. As Google recently released the algorithm update in which it mentioned that the keywords density will be an important part to decide the rank of your webpage.

Uniqueness with ease-Your Article language should have the accurate grammar with simple words so that any user can fetch out information from your article.Do not use the unnecessary words to increase the length of your article.

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